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XNS2 Constant Sand Muller

XNS2 Constant Sand Muller

XNS2 constant sand muller in single-arm, two-arm, elevation and mobile types, is applied to casting steel, casting iron, self-hardening sand rolling in nonferrous alloy production, as well as single piece in small batch, core shooter, and mechanical core-making line.

Liquid temperature-control device, filter, measure pump and valve guarantee stable runoff;
The liquid system is of backflow resistance and does not avoid the material precision. 
The big arm with dust catcher removes dust in the sand. 
The inside sand completely drains out after the halt, which is helpful for cleaning after sand hardening. 
The principal axis runs in medium speed with double screw disposal and uniform rolling. 
The tool is attached with hard alloy in exclusive structure, which keeps angle precise and unchangeable.
The liner is made of wearable materials, which lengths service life. The horizontal split structure is good for cleaning and adjusting. 
Special adhesive adding system and discharging hole with precise control, no sand lost in the startup and halt 
The sand adjuster is fixed according to the production, so that the proportion of old and new sand is controlled. The rolling is selected and changed according to the fixed proportion. 
The discharging hole connects with dust catcher with ducting pipe. 
PLC simulated screen, reliable operation, automatically production 
Rotating has manual and mechanical manners and the mechanical manner is controlled remotely. 
Length of big arm of mobile sand muller is designed according to users’ requirements for large casts. 
The mobile sand muller starts and halts stably with anti-bumping device.


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